About how Ratty’s face grew

As he sat on the grass and looked across the river, a dark hole in the bank opposite, just above the water’s edge, caught his eye, and dreamily he fell to considering what a nice snug dwelling-place it would make for an animal with few wants and fond of a bijou riverside residence, above flood-level and remote from noise and dust. As he gazed, something bright and small seemed to twinkle down in the heart of it, vanished, then twinkled once more like a tiny star. But it could hardly be a star in such an unlikely situation; and it was too glittering and small for a glow-worm. Then, as he looked, it winked at him, and declared itself to be an eye; and a small face began gradually to grow up round it, like a frame round a picture.

A brown little face, with whiskers.

A grave round face, with the same twinkle in its eye that had first attracted his notice.

Small neat ears and thick silky hair.

It was the Water Rat!

Bryn created a flip book based on this description of the Mole’s first meeting with Rat in The Wind in the Willows. I (his Dad) took a photo of each page of the flip book ¬†and edited the images into the animated gif above.

One reply on “About how Ratty’s face grew”

Dear Bryn,
We really enjoyed seeing Ratty’s face grow just like the book said. I bet Mole was surprised to see a face appearing in the river bank especially one that was winking at him.
Can I tell you a joke? OK . In my book it says this is one to tell your Mum.
Why should you never tell secrets in a greengrocers?
Because potatoes have eyes and beanstalk.
Love Grandma and Grandpa xx

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