I love books so much they have their own website! This website was all written by me as a school project, but it has become so much more than that! You can write a review that might go onto the website here. Here is the website


I love making and presenting presentations. I have done many of these on all sorts of topics, from fairgrounds to prime numbers, generally these have been done for school work but some have been done for fun.


Another passion of mine is poetry. I love writing limericks, free verse, haikus and more. Whether it rhymes or not I love it. I write quite a bit of poetry and I’ll post some of my favourites up here.

Food and Drink

I love cooking and baking, so I’ll be sure to post my favourite creations and recipes here as well as anything else to do with food. I particularly like baking but I also enjoy cooking meals.

Arts and Crafts:

I also love creating things wether that is from material and thread or paint and canvas. I may not be amazing at it but I enjoy doing it and really like the feeling of completion after you have completed a project. I will write about my projects here.


I do a lot of computing and programming, evident by my website Bryn’s Books which is coded from scratch by me. I love all kinds of programming languages from Python to HTML and will post my projects here.


I love maths. It is an amazing thing. It is an amazing thing and a great way to describe the world around us. From trigonometry to the quadratic formula, I think it is all great. I love how logical it is, and how versatile it is. So here is a space dedicated entirely to that:

Family and Friends

However, most of all, I love doing things with family and friends. From computing to nice long walks it is all so much fun! I have a sister, who’s website you can find at www.freyapatelstephens.com.I will write about some of my favourite experiences down here.


I do much more than just the things named above so anything that does not fit into a category I will put into this section. These are the things I felt I had to say but couldn’t really fit in.